Angelina Somorjai

Administrator / Owner

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Ms. Angelina Somorjai started in the medical field as a medical assistant in 1998.   As part of her medical assistant work, she interned as a volunteer for various assisted living facilities.  It was this experience that gave her the knowledge and background required to understand how an excellent care facility is operated from the inside out.

In 2001, after several years of work as a volunteer, she began taking care of people in their own homes. This opened up a world of new opportunities in the vast field of care-giving for the elderly. Angelina’s work as a care-giver for the elderly in their own homes began the thoughts of  pursuing a career in the field of care-giving.

In 2003, not too long after providing personalized care to elderly individuals in their own homes, she began her search to open her own care facility.

This first facility she opened and was licensed as a family business with her mother. Angelina was the licensee and earned a solid foundation of all the operations of a great elderly care facility.

In 2006, after successfully running the facility with her mother, she started looking to branch out on her own.  Soon after, Angelina was licensed for her own care facility and has been running the facility ever since!

Angelina married Roger in 2008, and they now run Cozy Home Care together.  Angelina is the Administrator/Owner and her husband and partner, is the Manager/Facility Technician (handy-man!)/and Owner.