April 1, 2009

Subject:  Reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

For approximately six years, my husband, my cousin and I attempted to care for our aunt, who was in her nineties and living alone in her home. Although she has always been fiercely independent, she could not have survived without our help. Yet, all of our attempts to help her were met with rage and anger. On a weekly basis, sometimes on a daily basis, we were dealing with one crisis after another. She rejected our help and all of our attempts to have in-home support were totally refused. Over the years, we contacted many agencies and experts in the geriatric field. All of their suggestions were things we’d already tried and had failed. No one could give us any ideas that could help us with the situation. We were told by elder placement specialists, that due to her personality, our aunt was “unplaceable”.  It was a nightmare.

In October 2007, our aunt broke her hip, was hospitalized and required surgery. For most 98 year olds, this would have been a life threatening situation. But what has made her difficult to deal with, also makes her strong. While hospitalized, she threw tantrums and raged at staff, and shortly, it was determined that  they could do nothing more for her.  As it turned out, the accident was a blessing in disguise.
This placement has been life-changing for all of us. Although initially she wanted to go home, within about six weeks, she said to my cousin and I, “I didn’t know I could be so happy”.  We cannot say enough positive things about Angelina and her home. And it is a home…….not a “nursing home” or a “placement”. It is a home.
Our aunt has her own bedroom which is nicely furnished, including an overstuffed chair so that she has a comfortable place to go and read or relax if she wants some quiet time to herself. However, most of the time she would rather be out in the kitchen/family room area interacting with others.  There is a wonderful dog “Lady” who is adorable and loving and gives everyone a lot of attention.  The house is always cheerful and decorated for the next upcoming holiday. We just received a picture of my aunt in pink bunny ears, dying Easter eggs. She had a big smile on her face. I do not remember her this happy in my entire adult life. I had tea with her and Angelina last week. She was pleasant and sweet, a pleasure to be around. Angelina is a miracle worker!
We tend to drop in rather than schedule visits. The home is always clean and tidy and smells wonderful. The “ladies” are always dressed nicely; no pajamas or nighties. The meals are good, something that was always a problem when our aunt lived alone. She now has three tasty and nutritious meals a day and enjoys being in the kitchen while the meals are being prepared. The yard is manicured and there are several areas with tables and chairs or benches, where people can go out and enjoy the gardens.
We view Angelina as our aunt’s guardian angel and ours, too. She is wonderful with all her “ladies”. She is warm, loving, kind and also has a great sense of humor, a real asset in this profession. From our perspective, she has used very good judgment whenever there has been a medical problem or emergency. Our aunt’s doctor is also impressed with Angelina and has noted our aunt’s improved health during the past 1 1/2 years that she has lived in Angelina’s home. We trust Angelina implicitly.
Our aunt will be 100 years old in a few months. At her age, she has a new and wonderful life. And we have our lives back,
as well as the comfort of knowing our aunt is happy and well cared for. We do recommend, and have recommended,
Cozy Home Care to our friends, family and professionals in the field of geriatrics. We could have not designed a more perfect placement for our aunt.
Kareen G. Bibby

May 1, 2009

Subject:  Letter of Commendation

To Whom it may concern:

I am writing to commend Angelina Somorjai as  a professional caregiver who runs the highest quality board and care home.  My mother has stayed with Angelina at Cozy Home Care twice in the last three years.  Each time Angelina’s kindness and cheerful nature as well as her skill as a caregiver contributed greatly to my mother’s recovery.

Angelina’s facility is really a home where family and friends are welcomed which is very important to a person’s recovery.  She always has the best interest of her guests’ foremost in her mind.


Ron Faught

October 5, 2009

RE:  Reference Letter

To whom it may concern:

In October 2007 my 98 year old aunt broke her hip.  Because she could not return to her home where she lived alone she was placed at Cozy Home Care.  Our family was very concerned over how our aunt would adjust to the placement as she was fiercely independent and we were afraid she would be completely uncooperative and we would be asked to move her elsewhere.  Though we were doubtful, Angelina, the owner, assured us she could work with our aunt.

We were amazed the first time we visited our aunt after she moved to Cozy Home Care.  She was beaming and told my cousin and me, “I never believed I could be this happy!”  Every time we visited or called her our aunt would tell us how well she was treated and how much she liked Angelina and the other ladies who worked there.  Our aunt had lost none of her independent streak but she clearly enjoyed the social interaction and home-like atmosphere at Cozy Home Care.  Almost every time we visited her she told us the residents were fed three hot meals every day which they ate together at the table.  That made a great impression on our aunt and she enjoyed it very much.

Cozy Home Care is a private home in a pleasant Carmichael neighborhood.  Our aunt had her own room which was very nicely decorated and where she was able to display family photos and personal effects.  If you did not know that this was a home specializing in caring for the elderly there was nothing about the home that would suggest it.  The house is fairly new and very nicely decorated with a lovely kitchen and eating area next to an open, airy living room where the residents spend much of their time.

For the first year our aunt was there we never called ahead to announce our visits and yet every time when we arrived the home was immaculate and the only thing we ever smelled there was fresh food cooking.  The residents and their clothes were immaculate as well.  Monthly haircuts along with manicures and pedicures were available to the residents.  The haircuts were a favorite of our aunt as one of her main complaints when she lived alone was the difficulty of getting her hair cut regularly.  After a time we did start to call ahead before we dropped by as that way we could visit at quiet times rather than interrupt when residents were being seen by nurses or physical therapists.

The front and back yards at Cozy Home Care are beautifully landscaped and there are patio tables and chairs in both yards where the residents are able to sit if they want to enjoy being outdoors.

Angelina decorates the family room for every holiday and one of our favorite photos of our aunt was one that Angelina took at Easter where our then 99 year old aunt was wearing bunny ears and dyeing Easter eggs!

Our family cannot say enough good things about our aunt’s and our experience with Angelina and Cozy Home Care and I could go on for many more pages.  We will be forever grateful to Angelina for the loving care she gave our aunt and the other ladies living there.  She treated every one of them as if they were her own grandmother.  As for our aunt, who had no children of her own, Angelina became the granddaughter she never had.  Our aunt lived to celebrate her 100th birthday in Angelina’s care and we can honestly say that our aunt’s last two years were the happiest years of her life.


Irene Price

August 1, 2009

Cozy Home Care

Subject:  Letter of Reference

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like this letter to serve as a reference to anyone that may be considering Cozy Home as a facility for their loved one.

I have known Angelina now for over three years.  When we first engaged her as a caregiver for my mother, Jean,  we found Cozy Home Care to be extremely clean and organized.  The bathrooms are well suited for bathing and caring for elderly people.  The bedrooms are comfortable and tidy, and the TV viewing room is perfect for morning and evening get-togethers. Angelina has treated my mother with respect and friendship, even though my mother has not always returned the favor.  Angelina has administered her medications with great accuracy, checking with her doctors regularly for changes, and has communicated every important detail of my mother’s behaviors and reactions to the medications as well as myself and to my brother.  Even though my brother has been difficult, Angelina has managed to keep him calm and focused.

My mother left Cozy Home after a few months the first time,  because of Angelina’s great care to help her recuperate, as part of her rehabilitation,  after which she tried living on her own.  After she fell again, and was obviously not able to care of herself, my brother asked Angelina to care for her once again.  Angelina took her back willingly, just as she never left and we have appreciated her tremendously since she cares for these elderly ladies as her first priority.

Angelina has approached caring for these women, all of whom have great health challenges, with deep personal responsibility, patience, compassion, and professionalism.

I am forever grateful for her help in this very difficult situation.  Angelina may have future clients call me for a verbal reference, should you ever need.

Fond regards,

Barbara Lammers